kumu Social TV

kumu’s “Social TV” segment is where livestreaming meets television programming. As a social entertainment platform, kumu is about mixing-up the possibilities of our different media formats. We’re here to integrate things we love about traditional media, like TV shows, games shows, and talk segments, with all the innovation brought about by social media technologies. Hence, why we like to call it “social TV”!

Fun, quirky, and experiential, kumu’s “Social TV” has 3 special categories for your livestream entertainment preferences. The Spotlight category houses our very own kumu curated shows, championing the special interests of our Kumunity. We also have the “Game Shows” category, which, as the name suggests, is for livestream games and quiz shows where audiences can actually win big prizes! Finally, we have the special “Partner Shows” which house collaborations between kumu and other media companies.

You’ll never run out of entertainment with kumu--promise! Sample some of our Social TV snippets here:

Got an entertainment idea you want to share? We’re all ears! Send us an email at socialtv@kumu.ph

Spotlight features our homegrown, kumu-curated shows and talents; it is kumu Social TV’s main channel within the app. Each show is a labor of love for us, reflecting the culture and values within the Kumunity. The Spotlight channel itself is also one of the most active in the app, with shows lined up back-to-back from 9 am to 12 midnight, Monday to Saturday.

Themes and topics under Spotlight vary, encompassing popular content categories like health and wellness, hobbies enrichment, pop culture, comedy, and other entertainment subjects. It is in essence the variety show of the Pinoy livestreaming community. Whatever your entertainment interests, Spotlight has something for you to enjoy!

By participating in kumu game shows, you can literally earn some perks, prizes, and even some cash. Gone are the days when you had to get special tickets to join a studio game show. kumu is bringing the fun to you! Each game show is unique, with their very own host and mechanics. Dynamic, highly engaging and absolutely addicting, kumu’s “Game Shows” highlights the communal and fun-loving spirit of Filipinos, with a digital-first strategy.

The kumu game show fever began with the launch of “Quiz Mo Ko” (QMK), hosted by celebrity personalities Megan Bata and Mikael Daez. Its smashing success proved that Filipinos are not just about having fun, they are all about interaction and connections. As game shows continued to thrive on the app, kumu prides itself as one of the pioneers of livestream game shows. Today, an estimated 8 game and quiz shows are active on the app, including one of the biggest television game shows in the country “Game KNB?”, hosted by Robi Domingo. Imagine being able to join one of the biggest game shows in the country--just by downloading kumu. No long lines. No additional requirements. You’re just a few taps away from being a big winner. Kool, right?

If you’ve always wanted to win big time, check out some of our game and quiz segments below.

Anything goes in our “Partner Shows.” Special executions within the kumu app and our digital assets are utilized to create a totally unique entertainment experience, tailored to our collaborators' needs. kumu’s collaborators for “Partner Shows” greatly vary, from media companies to celebrity brands, from pageant groups, to musical agencies---we’ll make it work for everyone!

Ultimately, the “Partner Shows” in kumu afford users the opportunity to connect with their favorite celebrities, influencers and content creators. Our livestream innovations allow hosts and audiences to interact in an almost-personal manner, whether it’s by joining the show stream as a guest, or by sending virtual gifts. All this and more is just how kumu sets the bar for authentic connections online.

To check out some of our super awesome “Partner Shows”, follow these streams now and get in on the fun. Are you interested in being a “Social TV” collaborator? We’re game! Let’s get acquainted at socialtv@kumu.ph