Social TV

KUMU is truly a dynamic entertainment platform. Our audience-driven content encourages users to have fun and engage with their fellow Kumunizens, all while enjoying the shows we have to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for a few of these awesome segments:

  • “Kumusta Bro?” - a digital liveseries created by KUMU and Firestarters Production. The boys love feature is the first live interactive show of its kind. Not only can the audience engage with the characters, they also have the power to decide what happens in the story. Director ka ghorl?
  • Social TV - doesn’t just offer a list of games, it also has a variety of special interest shows that most of the Kumunizens can truly enjoy! Whether you’re a newbie, mahilig sa karaoke, mahilig sa challenge or just want to have fun while watching, this is the place for you.
  • Spotlight - KUMU has been a playground for all types of creators! Whether your focus is about health, family, music, life, you name it, we have it!

We also have real-time game shows that always thrill the Kumunity:

  • May Tama Ka! - a tama o mali trivia quiz where you get a chance to win cash prizes.
  • Quiz Mo Ko - is more on the general knowledge side type of questions which boils down to one thing-- mapapaisip ka talaga!
  • Carla Cab Countdown - ready ka na ba maging manghuhula? Then this is the game show for you! Guess what happens next in a set of viral videos before time runs out.
  • Bato Bato Niqs - it’s basically one big bato-bato-pik for the whole Kumunity!
  • Beki Quiz - open to all beshies, mars, mumshies, who would love to have fun and answer questions about anything under the sun!
  • Appdated - this one's for those who are almost online 24/7 na dapat updated sa lahat!

With a massive list of shows, you will never run out of entertainment on KUMU!

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