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From the moment that Roland Ros and Rexy Dorado met, the stars seemed to have aligned. While they both grew up in the United States, they were always drawn to the motherland. Not only were they involved in humanitarian projects in the Philippines, they also sought to bring social change to the country.

Guided by their numerous mentors, seeds seemed to have been sowed in their minds. Eventually, what started out as late night conversations flourished into exciting and concrete ideas. They soon realised that there was an exciting opportunity for them in the Philippines, it was just a matter of figuring out what next.

The goal was always to engage the Philippine diaspora all around the world. That is how KUMU ultimately came to be in February of 2018. KUMU comes from the Tagalog word kumusta which means, “how are you?”. Much like how the greeting evokes a sense of warmth and familarity, KUMU wanted to be a space for all Filipinos to feel at home.

While it started out as a messaging application, like what Line is in Japan and WeChat is in China, it eventually evolved into a different kind of social networking platform. Wanting to adapt to the changing digital behaviour of its users, KUMU pivoted towards live streaming. The team realised that this would also provide a space for authentic and real content.

With the early help of co-founders Clare Ros and Andrew Pineda, and aided by funds from family, friends, and corporations like Summit Media, Foxmont Capital Partners, media conglomerate ABS-CBN, Gobi-Core Philippine Fund, Kickstart Ventures and Openspace Ventures, KUMU was officially launched as the world’s first social TV, and livestream community. While KUMU has made leaps and bounds since its humble beginnings, it still has a long way to go. For as long as the Kumunity continues to discover, connect, create and enjoys, there is no slowing down. The KUMU team is committed to staying true to its mission of being for the Filipino.

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