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Everyone loves a good collab! At kumu Partnerships, we treat other brands and organizations as part of our Kumunity; it’s our secret sauce to making a truly unique and authentic partnership. Like how vinegar and soy sauce mix for a delicious adobo, we combine the powers of livestream social entertainment with your brand to create a unique #kumufied experience.

kumu Partnerships features an array of strategies which can be tailored to your brand’s needs, creating immersive content for real-time engagement. These can include livestreamer activations and celebrity content, brand takeovers, ad placements, exciting campaigns, social TV features and other collaborations with kumu’s many departments. Best of all, it’s open to all industries, whether you’re in entertainment, food, fashion, education, technology, education and others. We also welcome businesses of any size, from small start-ups to big corporations. We guarantee kumu will work for everyone.

Since 2018, kumu Partnerships is proud to have innovated a variety of collaborations, which not only give brands an exciting experience in the app, but also create socially-relevant content to Filipinos. In 2020, kumu partnered with food-delivery company, Foodpanda, to help feed medical frontliners during the pandemic, a charitable effort that also helped the Foodpanda gain thousands of new customers.

That same year, kumu also partnered with Globe telecom to help promote new data and wi-fi packages, as Filipinos spent more time working, studying and celebrating holidays from home. With 3 major brand campaigns in the course of 4 months, the kumu and Globe partnership was one of the most exciting collaborations in the Kumunity, as brand takeovers were featured on streams, gameshows, virtual gifts and live-selling.

Then in August 2021, kumu partnered with fast-food chain giant McDonalds to release a limited edition meal, called “The Saweetie Meal”, featuring American rapper Saweetie, who is part Filipina. This unique partnership served as a cultural homage to kumu’s glokal Kumunizens, particularly the Filipino-American community. This, and more kumu Partnerships are making waves in our growing, online industries.

More than a digital marketing solution, kumu Partnerships offers unique strategies to push your brand to the next level. It’s innovative, leveraging the latest technologies of livestreaming and mobile entertainment; but best of all, it is authentically Filipino, with millions of glokal Kumunizens engaging in our app every single day.

Experience the power of livestreaming, and world-class Filipino talent with us! Send us an email at brands@kumu.ph, and let’s get in touch!

Brands we’ve worked with:

GlobeMcdonaldsGSM BlueJack and JillCDOGoodwork PHTNTFoodpandaGranny GooseGoldilocksAvonVitasoyVcutFunkyMega TunaSkyDanesRobinsons SupermarketTMAngkasSmartTecnoShop BackTrustRobinsons BankEnervonHanselDurexUniversal RobinaTuseran FortePrestoPiattosPetronNetflixMy TownMinistopGCash