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The Kumunity is the heart of kumu. It is the spirit of all our users, content creators, partners and viewers combined, creating an online culture like no other. When you’re in kumu, you’re not just a user or viewer; you are part of the Kumunity, you are part of what makes us who we are.

Like any real community, the Kumunity treats all its citizens–or “Kumunizens”– as key players in its vision; we’re all unified, but also we celebrate our uniqueness. That’s why the Kumunity is one of the most interactive online groups ever, forming their own culture and structures. One of these exciting developments are the official Kumunity Teams, organized groups in kumu who share common interests or goals. Being part of an official Kumunity Team gives a Kumunizen a lot of perks, not just through having loyal friends, but also with shared projects, sponsored activations and cool collaborations.

Plus, ‘just to keep things interesting, Kumunity Teams like to battle it out with some outrageous tournaments and competitions. Every week, Kumunity Teams host a kumuKlash Tournament, a livestream challenge as teams race to get the most virtual gifts. Then, to really settle the score, we have the quarterly District Wars, a clash of the best teams to see who reigns supreme.

As Kumunizens, you are our prime inspiration for the app. Every time Kumunizens connect, engage and share their passions online, our app evolves closer to its vision. Because of this, we aim to create the best, and safest space that will continue to nurture authenticity. To maintain a positive and welcoming environment for all, the Kumunity guidelines are implemented strictly in all our channels. We take everyone’s enjoyment and well-being very seriously, because we want everyone to thrive in kumu.

Speaking of thriving, the Kumunity is constantly on the lookout for cool and authentic content creators. If you have a passion, a hobby or even an awesome story to share, we want to give you a spotlight, using whatever state-of-the-art livestream technology we have. That’s why our Kumunity Stage channel is the place to be for people to discover something, or someone new. If you ever wanted to get a crash-course on what Kumunity culture is like, then the Kumunity Stage is your best bet.

Thanks to the highly creative and supportive Kumunity, kumu has successfully launched a variety of unique programs. Some of our favorites include Miss kumu Global, our livestream international beauty pageant; Original kumu Music (OKM), which features leading musical talents in kumu; Gilas California, a weekly audiostream with kumu co-founders Roland Ros and James Rumohr, and so much many more every day.

Miss Kumu Global

Most exciting of all, at the end of every year the Kumunity hosts the annual kumu Livestream Awards, a virtual awards ceremony that honors our most outstanding content creators for the year. It’s a real-deal awards show, where you can virtually attend from the comfort of your own home.

Wherever you are, or whoever you are, whatever your passion, the Kumunity would love to hear about it. You can also join the Kumunity group page to stay in the loop, and get acquainted with more active members.

Got something you’d want to share to the Kumunity? We’re always here to listen, send us an email at kumunity@kumu.ph