Live E-commerce

Welcome to kumu’s very own live e-commerce, where shopping meets live social entertainment. Our retail partnerships are open to all, whether you’re an independent entrepreneur, a small business, a local start-up or an established corporation--we’d love to work with you! At kumu, we believe in elevating the world of commerce to a more authentic and creative dynamic. By utilizing our digital innovations, influencer connections and Kumunities, we’re here to provide you with cool, convenient alternatives to brand awareness and sales. Because we’re not just about shopping, we’re here to shape the future of retail experience in the Philippines.

kumu’s live e-commerce is mainly divided into two marketplaces to suit your shopping tastes. Check out Karlito's Korner for all your bargain shopping finds. For those seeking a more luxurious experience, find your delights at Shopkumu.

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Karlito’s Korner is the one-stop shop for every sales-loving, bargain-hunting savvy shopper! Inspired by the dynamics of Philippines’ tiangges and bazaars, Karlito’s Korner is a grand scale marketplace, offering everything from fashion and beauty, food, gadgets, hobbies, novelties--and the list goes on! If you can think of it, we probably have it on Karlito’s Korner for a bargain. All that, while also getting the chance to interact with your seller on a livestream platform.

Get the best deals and brands when you tune in to Karlito's Shopping Barkada, our merry band of live stream hosts out to make your shopping more personal.

High-end shopping meets online innovation with Shopkumu, our premium marketplace for customers with a taste for fine living. Find the most opulent brands here, from luxury labels to artisanal goods, Shopkumu has them curated for your lifestyle needs. What’s more, shoppers can expect a star-studded crew of celebrities and influencers livestreaming under the Shopkumu marketplace. Discover what’s in vogue here, including trends in sustainable living, international cuisine, premium self-care, and so much more. Your new lifestyle craze awaits here at Shopkumu.

You’ll find that each Shopkumu influencer host has their own unique expertise. Learn from these stylish mavens when you tune in to their live show.

At kumu, we believe in taking brands and shopping to a whole new, digital level. In collaboration with some of our brand partners here, we've reached exciting new avenues for livestream selling, online advertising, multi-channel campaigns, and so much more. The possibilities are endless with kumu!

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