Earn Real Money

Turn on your camera, be yourself, and earn

At KUMU, we have found a way to create an environment for entertaining and authentic content allowing you to be the best and truest version of yourself! Through its livestream feature, KUMU gives the Kumunity the freedom to showcase whatever they want. Whether it’s life coaching, fitness, art, education, you name it, you can stream it!

Virtual Gifts

If you’re a content creator, you can earn through “gifts” from the Kumunity. The more you grow and engage your audience the more virtual gifts you receive. This can then be converted to cash.

Join Campaigns

And as long as you are part of the KUMU family, we got your back. We have monthly contests where all the livestreamers have the chance to boost their online presence and win experiences like being featured on billboards or commercials. You can also walk away with amazing prizes such as gadgets and trips!

Play Games on Social TV

If you’re too shy to go in front of the camera, okay lang yan! You still have the chance to earn and win from the various in-app game shows offered daily.

Content Creator School

Got the ideas and talent but clueless on where to start? Don’t worry because we got you! We have the KUMU Content Creator School where we educate and train live streamers on how to plan, execute and market their streams professionally.We help jumpstart your online career so you can earn para kering-keri mo na!

What is the difference between coins and diamonds?

Coins are used to buy virtual gifts — backed by real money — for your favorite livestreamers! You can purchase coins through your wallet, or you can earn coins through various actions on the app such as referring friends.

When you receive virtual gifts, your earnings are tracked in the form of diamonds. Diamonds can be converted into cash after you hit the minimum balance of 50k diamonds.

How much money can I earn?

No limits.

Where can I cash out my earnings?

At your local LBC, via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Is there a minimum amount cashing out?

Yes. You must earn at least 50,000 diamonds in order to cash out.

I’m having a problem processing a cash out. What should I do?

Send an email to cashouts@kumu.ph